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Hello! My name is Giedre

I am a newborn and family photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal.

I believe in the importance of documenting family stories. Our memories tend to fade with time and pictures can bring us back to those moments long gone.

I am all about family photography being an experience through which we create meaningful images that are authentic to your family. I want to document your family's story in a natural and fun way, to showcase the real connections, therefore I will not pose you rigidly but gently guide you so that we can create beautiful images in a relaxed and comfortable way. Think of a photo session as time dedicated to your family. 

Do you want to get your family's story saved? Then contact me here and let's chat! And if you are not sure if it is worth it, just check out my Kids & Families or Newborns portfolio, maybe that will help you decide ;)

I am really looking forward to meeting you and your lovely family!

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