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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is your photography style?

I am a lifestyle family photographer with a bit of documentary approach. I look to capture connection, emotive moments and love and I try to stay away from traditional rigidly posed “look and smile at the camera” family pictures. For me family photography is all about creating images that show who you and your family are in the present moment by capturing genuine interactions and all the magical moments that naturally unfold from doing things together.

What to expect from a lifestyle family session?

Lifestyle family sessions focus on capturing family connection and joy by engaging family members to interact with each other. The location and timing are chosen specifically considering the light to capture beautiful images, there are certain clothing considerations to keep in mind and there is light posing and guidance during this session.

Your lifestyle family session with me will begin with a few posed family portraits and soon we will move on to a more relaxed session where I will only gently guide your interaction with each other if needed.  We will play, run, laugh, snuggle, kiss and hug and I will capture how you genuinely enjoy each other’s company. The session can take place indoors and/or outdoors in a place chosen by you or suggested by me.

This type of session is perfect for families looking to have nice family pictures but want to keep things a little more natural yet need some guidance to be in from of a camera. 

What should we wear?

First of all I want you to know that it is not the pretty clothes that will make your pictures worth saving for generations, it is the connection and love that you and your family have! Those are the memories that your kids and your grandkids will cherish.

So my number one tip is dress in a way that is natural to you and that you feel good in. Make sure that the clothes are comfortable, because you may need to run, jump, dance and do all other sorts of fun that you usually do with your kids :)

Couple other things to consider: your family does not need to match clothes (I would even suggest avoiding this), however, when family members wear clothing of a similar colour palette the images appear more balanced.  Usually a mix of 3-4 colour combinations works well. It is also best if family groups avoid stripes, busy patterns and large logos, as they can be distracting.

Where are you located?

I am based in Lisbon, Portugal, but I also do photo sessions around Cascais and Sintra. In addition to that I love traveling a lot, so if you are located further away (or even abroad), get in touch and I might come visit you!

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