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5 reasons to book a lifestyle newborn session | Lisbon newborn photographer

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

If you are excepting or just had a baby you might be considering having professional pictures taken of your newborn. While studio newborn photography is very popular, lifestyle newborn photography is gaining popularity rather fast and I could not be happier about that!

Here are 5 reasons why I love it and why you might be interested in a lifestyle newborn photo session when choosing a photographer to capture this important family chapter!

  1. It tells a story. Lifestyle newborn sessions are not just focused on the newborn, but rather to capture their place within the context of the whole family (yes, you get in the frame too!).  I can guarantee that your children will appreciate the pictures that will tell them a story about where they lived, what their room looked like, what kind of haircut their parents had and other details.

  2. It shows connection. It is beautiful seeing the love and excitement that a newborn brings into a family. Therefore, the purpose of a lifestyle newborn session is to capture exactly that, the emotional, genuine and raw connection between mom and dad and their baby, along with the siblings if they have any. These pictures will never go out of style and with time you will appreciate them even more. 

  3. You do not need to go anywhere! A lifestyle newborn session takes place in the comfort of your home so you do not need to worry about packing up the whole family and stress over getting to a studio on time.

  4. It takes less time. Your baby does not need to be asleep during a lifestyle newborn session, therefore on average a lifestyle session takes about one-third as much time as a posed newborn session where the baby needs to be deeply asleep. 

  5. There’s no rush. Studio newborn sessions usually have to be scheduled within baby’s first 2 weeks, whereas a lifestyle newborn session may be scheduled any time from week one to 2-3 months after the birth. Sure I do usually recommend doing the lifestyle newborn session during the first two weeks (ideal because the babies are still sleepy, curly and happy most of the time), but if the mom needs more time to recover after giving birth, it is totally ok to have newborn photos beyond the first two weeks.

Interested in a lifestyle newborn session?  Please contact me for more information!

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