Maternity & Newborn

01 / 09

Photos can do much more than just look pretty. They can keepsake precious memories and take you back to the moments long gone.


Yes, this session is intended to document a very special milestone in your life, but there is way more to maternity sessions than just belly pictures. These sessions are to be done with your partner, with yours kids and even with your pets. They are meant to document the love and connection of this moment.


The days with your newborn can be a blur, I want to document those fleeting moments for you.

A newborn session is not just about the baby, it is also about the parents, the siblings, the new routines and all the little details that today might seem mundane and ordinary, but as years go by become extraordinary. I want these pictures to remind you what it felt like to have a tiny human at home.


When should I have my maternity session?

The best time for maternity photo session is when you feel good and comfortable. In most cases this is between 30-36 weeks. However, every pregnancy is different and we can chat about what is right for you.

When should I have my newborn session?

Every family has different preferences and there is no pressure to set the date within the first days. I like to do newborn sessions within the first 2-6 weeks, but ultimately it is when mom and baby feel ready.

Where will the newborn session take place?

Your newborn session will be done at the confirm of your home. You do not have to go anywhere and you and your baby will be in a familiar surrounding ensuring that everyone feels more relaxed.

Do you pose or use props for sessions?

I will not pose your baby or use any props, I want to document your baby in a natural and authentic way. But we will definitely get some individual pictures of your little one.

Do you offer Maternity & Newborn packages?

Yes, I offer a discount when booking Maternity & Newborn sessions with me. Enquire for more information.